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What is UC?

Unified Communications is a set of products designed to optimize your business processes and save your business money. CBM Technology partners with Digium and Lifesize to bring you a suite of customized unified communications solutions.

From Small Businesses to Enterprise level companies, we can design a cost-effective solution perfect for your business with a suite of inclusive features you wouldn't expect. We offer Switchvox on all of our Digium solutions to help create a streamlined communication network. With the Switchvox Switchboard, everyone in your company can make and transfer calls at the click of a button. The presence management and chat features allow you to transfer calls efficiently.

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Seamlessly integrate real-time and non-real-time communications to make your business run efficiently.


Instant Messaging/Chat
Presence Information
Call Control
Video Conferencing


Unified Messaging
-Integrated Voicemail

Digium is an Asterisk company, so you can trust that you are getting a highly secure platform and industry leading hardware and software. Digium also provides Switchvox: a UC solution built on the Asterisk platform that is already designed and built for you. We are proud to offer a brand that has industry-leading solutions for any communications need. 

Upgrading from a legacy phone system can save you more money than you would think. Often times, a new VoIP Phone system with advanced features can cost less than a Legacy key system. Many small businesses still use legacy phone systems not realizing the potential savings and business features they're missing out on.
A system like Switchvox allows you to use your wireless network or a traditional PSTN telephone line that you already have.
This could save your business up to 70% on your monthly phone bill.

IP Phones

CBM Technology has partnered with Digium to provide the first VoIP business phones designed specifically for Asterisk-based phone systems. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones use your LAN or WAN networks to support calls. It comes with the customizability of the Asterisk phone platform. This system is easy to set up, and highly cost effective as calls are often free.

On-Premise Phone

On-Premises Phone

Having the ability to scale your UC solution is a must for many businesses. On-Premises UC is perfect for any small or midsized business in need of control and advanced customization of their UC Solution. Saving your business time and money. A wide range of appliances allows for up to 600 users.

Hosted Phone

Hosted Phone

Full power, with easier management and flexibility. Cloud-based phone systems make it easier and more affordable to maximize your efficiency. This Unified Communications Solution is tailored to Small and midsized businesses. You don't need all of the hardware to harness all of the power.

Hybrid UC phone

Hybrid Phone: Cloud & On-Premise Combined

This hosted and on-premise solution is ideal for any size business in need of maximizing efficiency and keeping costs down. Perfect for businesses with a central location to house the on-premise system, and multiple locations to support via the cloud.

Unified Communications- Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Don’t believe what you’ve heard about video conferencing being an expensive, complex system for only huge companies with massive IT departments. CBM Technology is partnering with Lifesize to give you simple solutions for one-touch video calls that connect your conference room to the world. Solutions are available on-premises or cloud hosted.
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switchvox- call management

Switchvox: Complete Call Management 

Get enterprise level call control with the best business phone system on the market. The Switchvox Switchboard allows you to manage calls seamlessly. Presence management, chat, and mobile are all included. View logs and make calls from the click of a button. With the capability to integrate your CRM, you can have all of your contacts in the system. 

Switchvox switchboard