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CBM Service & Support


The Watchguard Total Security Suite comes with 24-hour Gold Support, but our Total Security Membership comes with CBM Service & Support included. Any hands-on issues are covered as well as phone support for any questions or troubleshooting.

The CBM Service & Support includes all updates and site unblocking. You can rest assured knowing almost any issue you may have can be solved quickly and free of charge

- Device Warranty: In the event of failure of any CBM Supplied Firewall to perform its normal tasks, CBM ensures that a replacement device will be installed within 24 hours of the failure being identified.

- Policy Management: Clients may request unlimited policy change requests for firewall, WebBlocker, Gateway Antivirus, APT Blocker and Data Loss Prevention.

- Additional Security Services: In addition to the security services you’ve had in the past, CBM will provide Total Security Services: Intrusion Prevention Service, Application Control, WebBlocker (URL/Content Filtering), Gateway Antivirus, APT Blocker, and Data Loss Prevention. Future Total Security modules will be added free of charge.


Total Security Features



APT Blocker

WatchGuard APT Blocker adds another layer of UTM protection to detect and block advanced malware and zero-day attacks. It sends Windows executable files, Microsoft Office, PDF files, and Android APK to run in a cloud-based sandbox with full system emulation to look for malware characteristics, including multiple types of evasive behavior.

APT Blocker is closely integrated with WatchGuard Dimension™, the big-data style visibility solution that comes standard on all WatchGuard UTM appliances, to provide logs, proactive alerts, and full visibility into why a file is detected as malware.




Gateway AntiVirus

Gateway AntiVirus is a fully integrated, signature-based security subscription for WatchGuard appliances that blocks spyware, viruses, trojans, and blended threats in real time. It scans all major protocols at the gateway to stop threats before they can gain access to your trusted resources and execute their dangerous payloads. Suspect email caught by the Gateway AV engine can be flagged to go into quarantine, and all actions are logged and available for easy reporting.

With its optimized signature set, heuristic analysis, and broad file-handling capabilities, Gateway AntiVirus adds up to exceptionally effective, wide-ranging AV protection for your business network.


content-filtering Web Blocker


WebBlocker : Content Filtering

WebBlocker is an integrated URL filtering subscription for WatchGuard security appliances. It allows CBM to control HTTP and HTTPS access to objectionable material. It works with the appliance’s reporting function to give visibility into users’ web activities.

WebBlocker helps to increase employee productivity, prevent legal liabilities, and protect against malicious attacks. It blocks up to 54 content-specific categories and can be applied to web access policies based on users, groups, and domains, making it very easy to configure and manage.




Network Discovery

WatchGuard’s Network Discovery service performs a complete network scan to generate a visual map of every connected device on your network, providing total visibility into all connections and a simple solution for identifying potential network threats.

NetworkDiscovery is integrated with WatchGuard’sFireWatch and Traffic Monitoring tools, combining the power of network visualization with granular security management.





Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion Prevention Service is a fully integrated, signature-based security application for Watchguard appliances. All major traffic protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, TCP, DNS, SMTP, and POP3 are scanned to block network, application, and protocol-based attacks. It’s simple to set up and manage, and all actions are logged for easy reporting. The blocked sites list ensures that once an IP address has been positively identified as the source of an attack, future attacks coming from that address are dynamically blocked to ensure protection and save valuable processing time. Continually updated

The blocked sites list ensures that once an IP address has been positively identified as the source of an attack, future attacks coming from that address are dynamically blocked to ensure protection and save valuable processing time. Continually updated database of over 15,000 signatures ensures timely, far-reaching coverage.