server familyServers

Believe it or not, CBM Technology has over 40 years of server experience, and please take into account that this is not combined experience.  When we say that we have over 40 years of experience, it means that we have been in the business of server technology for over 40 years.  CBM Technology has seen servers that were the size of rooms and evolve to only a couple of inches thick.  We offer servers for various types of businesses and industries from basic servers for small businesses to high-performance and high-redundancy servers for enterprise level businesses.  We use only high-quality components that meet your budget.

workstationWorkstations, Thin Clients and Laptops

As you know desktops and laptops are just as crucial as servers when running your business.  CBM Technology understands your needs for having a workstation that performs well and doesn't break the bank.  We offer desktop and laptops that uses high-quality parts at affordable rates.  When purchasing a workstation or laptop from us, we don't just order it and hand it over.  We remove the junkware, install and configure your critical business applications, so your employees are in production as quick as possible.  We use the latest stable release of Microsoft Windows and name brand components.  Be sure to contact us when you are ready or considering to make a purchase.


CBM Technology offers a wide range of tablets for our clients.  We sell and support Windows and Android tablets for a wide range of uses.  If you need a tablet for when you are on the go, for presentations, inventory control, or even purchasing, CBM Technology has what you need.  We strive to provide the perfect solution for our clients and offer custom solutions to help increase sales or productivity through our programming department.  Our custom software department can create effective and easy-to-use applications that are designed specifically for your business.   For more information about our custom software division, click here.

printersPrinters and Scanners

CBM Technology provides clients with a variety of printers and scanners that meet nearly every need for a business.  We can provide you with portable and/or large multifunctional printers that can integrate into your Document Management System.  We provide high-quality scanners with Optical Character Recognition features to convert your scanned documents into a searchable digital documents.  If you are interested in moving away from a paper-oriented business model, be sure to contact our consulting team to help you pick the right solution.